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Print Publications

T6: The Six Hundred, Volume 3,, January 2020
Zanna Art Magazine, Issue 4,, September 2019
ArtMaze Magazine, Issue 4,, curated by Cheyanne Sauter, the Executive Director of Art Share LA, August 2017
AARON D’ANDREA, ‘Davenport Artist Ester Pugliese Creates Collection for Valentine’s
Day,’ What’s On, Art Entertainment, Bloor West Villager, February 1, 2017
R.M. VAUGHAN, ‘Ester Pugliese at Loop Gallery,’ The Globe and Mail, Toronto, Canada, April 9, 2011

“Like some unformed dream coming into slow but inevitable shape, Pugliese’s works invite, and reward, a long, free-associational gaze.” – R.M. Vaughan

MARIELLA POLICHENI, ‘La ricerca dell’Identità perduta in mostra alla Carrier Gallery’, Corriere Canadese, January 29, 2003
GARRY BURNS, ‘Passion and vitality marks exhibit by Italian artists,’ The Brantford Expositor, December 14, 2002, p. D3
ELIZABETH YATES, ‘Now that’s Italian: Identity,’ The Brantford Expositor, November 14, 2002, p. D3
MAUREEN PAXTON, ‘Thresh`hold: An Interactive Light and Sound Installation,’ Artery, Autumn 2001, p. 5


TALI DUDIN (interview), ‘Opening: Ester Pugliese,’ ArtSync TV, Rogers TV, Cable 10, aired March 25, 2011, Toronto, Ontario and on the art sync website:


Aird Gallery Artbook, ‘Abstracts 2023,’ available at, Toronto, Canada, October 2023
Apéro Catalogue Publication, ‘Nature,’ available at, Hardcover ISBN: TBA, Softcover ISBN: TBA, September 2019
‘Art Gallery of Mississauga Annual Fine Art Auction,’ 30th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Catalogue, April 27, 2017
‘Live Longer, Piss Off Your Heirs,’ catalogue for an exhibition curated by Olga Korper and Taiga Lipson at Propeller Gallery, Toronto, Canada, March 2017
TALI DUDIN (interview), ‘Opening: Ester Pugliese,’ ArtSync Book Project, Conversations 2010-11 Season, (a book cataloguing the Toronto art scene), ArtSync, Toronto, Canada, 2011, p. 78

Online Publications

‘Ester Pugliese’, artist feature,, November 16, 2017

SAMANTHA KEITH, ‘Ester Pugliese,’ artist feature,, July 8, 2017

“Pugliese’s work uses mixed media composition layered with organic and synthetic forms to present the viewer with ideas on human degradation and the disassociation people have with their natural environments, favoring instead synthetic, material possessions.” – Samantha Keith

ELIZAVETA MIRONOVA, ‘Elizabeth Babyn and Ester Pugliese at Loop,’ ARTORONTO.CA, February 12, 2017

“Pugliese’s paintings take the viewer into a tranquil pleasure state…Orange, red, and purple hues are erupting in the background then covered with drawing to form something between a flower and a firework. It’s electrifying but the longer you look at it, the happier and more peaceful your mind becomes.” – Elizaveta Mironova

‘The flowery, fragility of life – Ester Pugliese,’ artist feature,, February 12, 2017
‘Ester Pugliese,’ image feature,, February 8, 2017
‘Ester Pugliese: Moderate to strong northwest winds will persist throughout the weekend,’
image feature,, February 2, 2017
MEGAN KEE, ‘Staying in the Loop: Sweet Summer Sixteen,’ ARTORONTO.CA, July 2016

Must-See Lists

Must-See List, Now Magazine, Toronto, January 26, 2017
Must-See List,, January 26, 2017
EMILY PASKEVICS, ‘10 Must-See Art Exhibitions in Toronto, Spring 2017,’, March 21, 2017
Must-See List,, July 6, 2017